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The Digital Transformation has led companies to demand employees trained to detect, recruit and support IT people and environments. This is why more people are required in the role of IT Recruiters, professionals who have specific technical knowledge to detect, source and recruit the most suitable profile to fill each position.

The CONEXIONHR IT Training Course aims to respond to this need through a comprehensive professional training space for anyone who wishes to acquire this knowledge and begin to develop IT Recruiting skills. We build this Training for people who want to make significant progress in their profession and for those who want to reinvent their career in the shortest possible time and take their first steps in this industry.

The course is divided into modules, the first two correspond to basic level and the third to the advanced level. For now, all training videos and material are in Spanish. We have a learning methodology that is based on learning through practice, and for this reason, after completing the course you will have the opportunity to put into practice everything you have learned and gain more experience, becoming part of our team of freelance recruiters. We will share our openings with you and you will receive a commission fee in case of filling any of these with the hiring of a candidate recruited by you.

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Choose the profile that matches the role

Ensures the delivery of projects on time and as were stipulated with the client according to the requirements:

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Choose the profile that matches the role

Works improving the user experience and interface

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Choose the profile that matches the role

Mainly due to his/her work, code errors are detected

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Choose the profile that matches the role

His/her Cloud knowledge allows him/her to configure, deploy, monitor

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From the following Job Description, which are the best keywords to search for potential candidates?

We are looking for a senior full stack to join our ecommerce team to help create customer-facing applications that support our wide variety of products.

We combine design with technology to offer unique products that are unique and co-created by our community of artists and our customers. Our engineers take on multiple roles and challenges that are not defined by titles, we have a strong culture of mentoring and promotion, as well as project roadmaps that allow us to train and learn from each other. We are a metrics-driven organization and we work hard to make sure every project we do has a measurable impact. We strive to maintain a balance between developing new features and scaling our platform while staying agile in a fast-moving environment.

Role Responsibilities:

  • Work together with other developers to support and improve high-traffic core ecommerce sites
  • Create both frontend and backend application code for products that stand out for their design sensitivity, user experience, and usability.
  • Create user interfaces using modern single-page Javascript application frameworks, libraries, architectures, and tools
  • Collaborate with product development, user experience and go-to-market operations to deliver projects with measurable business results.
  • Ensuring a high-quality code base with code design and code review, as well as automated tests.

You have:

  • Strong, proactive, written and verbal communication skills and you feel comfortable working in a self-managed and remote culture.
  • More than 3 years of professional experience as a software engineer
  • Experience working with client-side and server-side code
  • You find it comfortable working with databases and building a solid data model
  • You have an interest in restoring and supporting legacy systems, as well as developing new greenfield projects.
  • Strong programming skills preferably in Python, Javascript, HTML, CSS
  • Familiarity with common concepts of modern frontend JavaScript frameworks and libraries, such as React and Backbone

It is a plus:

  • Experience working in a fast-paced, Agile software development environment
  • Experience with ElasticSearch, Solr, or a similar document management system.
  • Experience with Docker and containerization tools, such as Docker swarm, Docker compose, etc.

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Is Java the same as JavaScript?

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Is Nodejs BackEnd?

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A Business Analyst can't integrate a team managed by a Project Manager.

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A software architect is a developer capable of making some technical decisions about a technical project

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Take a look at the experience shown in this resume, read carefully and choose the role option that fits it.

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Take a look at the experience shown in this resume, read carefully and choose the role option that fits it.

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Take a look at the experience shown in this resume, read carefully and choose the role option that fits it.

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What does FULL STACK mean in development?

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What technologies are seen more commonly on a DevOps resume?

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Which affirmation do you think is true as a correct market insight?

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Are you interested in knowing more about the different IT profiles and the work they do?

From CONEXIONHR we launched a YouTube channel aimed at IT recruiters especially to address these issues. We conducted short interviews of between 15 and 20 minutes to different workers in the systems area, we asked them about the technologies they use and how they perceive the selection process and the role of the recruiter. In addition, the channel has a special section with reports for IT recruiters and technical interviewers.

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