Recruiting Course

Learn how to manage a recruitment process for any profile from beginning to end. We provide you with the tools so that you can manage the full life cycle of a selection process both within an organization and also working independently or in an agency. You will expand your knowledge of concepts involved in a selection process such as: job skills, cultural fit, guarantee, seniorities, digital tools to organize the project, and much more!

The course can be purchased by anyone interested in recruiting.

We provide

  • Online Classroom
  • Certificate
  • Current and updated content


  • What is recruiting? Difference between selection, recruitment and recruiting process. Different ways to exercise as a recruiter. External and internal recruitment. Productivity/Seasonal Factor Stages of the recruiting process. Preparation of the proposal to the client. Work proposal template. Meeting with client – alignment of expectations, negotiation. Warranty. What is it? How to build a profile. Seniorities. Organization chart. Cultural aspects: concordant and not concordant. Job description What are labor competencies? How are they evaluated? Critical incident interview. S.T.A.R method.
  • Recruitment. Analysis and classification of CV. How to post an opening. Example. Difference between job description and job posting. Recruitment sources and media. Most common job portals. How to post an opening on LinkedIn. How to post an opening on a job portal.
  • Daily organization tools: Trello, Asana. Database and ATS
  • Interview: moments, framing. Pre interview: screening and preselection. Sample Interview Questions. How to inquire about motivation. Post interview.
  • Types of interview Group interview.
  • Interview report.
  • Types of evaluations/exams (socio-environmental, pre-occupational check-ups, psychological tests, employment references, technical evaluations)

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