Full recruitment

We perform the whole recruiting process presenting the best candidates with their respective resume and interview reports. Get an effective recruiting machine that consistently delivers the talent you need!

Recruiter on demand (RPO)

We allocate our Tech Recruiters to your project, being coached and supervised in real time, with advanced English level and available within the next 48 hours after your requirement. Speed Up your hiring process by increasing your recruiting force with our RPO solution!

Strategic sourcing

Turnkey sourcing team to drive top of the funnel candidates to fulfill your openings. We research, outreach and screen people so your recruiting team interviews and continues the process.


Get our complete end to end solution: we cover the complete recruiting process and easily hire the candidate for you. We remain in close contact with the client and our collaborator, proactively promoting employee engagement, performance, and retention throughout each assignment.

Background checks

We provide corporate background check services to ensure the integrity and reliability of your hires. Our comprehensive checks cover employment history, education verification, criminal records, and more, helping you make informed hiring decisions and maintain a trustworthy workforce.

Recruiting executive

Hire top talent executive candidates to kick off your startup or add a key player in your team. We become your recruiting partner and work with you to create your recruiting strategy.

Learning & Development

We offer corporate training services focused on various topics related to competencies and mental health in the workplace. Our programs are designed to enhance employee skills and promote a healthy work environment, ensuring overall well-being and productivity.

IT Recruiting Training

We train your HR team members to be the IT recruiters you need. We help you to build a complete team and lay out your recruiting process by taking our Agile IT Recruiting course. We offer an improvement program and mentoring to drive and take each IT Recruiter to their highest level!

Career Coaching and Job Search Mentorship

We offer coaching and mentoring services for resume building and job searching, including outplacement support. Our programs help individuals craft effective CVs, improve job search strategies, and transition smoothly to new career opportunities.

Success stories

  • 100+ companies have hired their employees with our recruiting engine.
  • 25+ companies have reinforced their hiring team with our recruiter-on-demand service.
  • 1000+ IT recruiters have been trained, empowered and have improved their IT Recruiting skills with our training and mentoring.

Recruiting highlights

Technology pipelines we work on

Our Recruiting tenet


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