Our Recruiting brand

We have developed a particular way of recruiting over time. Nowadays, we train our team to have high-level technical skills that allows us to take recruiting processes to the next stage.

Our team works side by side with our clients, with the freedom to self-manage themselves in the path of achieving their goals.

We like to set objectives and work together towards them. Recruiters are supported with guidance and training while we inspire them to find their own working style.

We are native remote workers

Our team is distributed in different regions and countries around the world. We work from our homes, cafes, parks, beaches, (wherever we have connectivity!). We love working in our favorite places with our loved ones by our side. But working remotely is not about working and facing the daily challenges all by yourself! We encourage our team into constant interaction through video calls and group chats. Also, we have optional coworking days and after-office events.

We are team players!

We move into an exciting and ever-changing field of work. We love adrenaline and we love the greatest antidote against stress: having fun! In our team it’s always going to be someone by your side, ready to help you solve a problem or guide you (even, to share a meme!). We firmly believe in a highly supportive environment with a deep commitment to the objectives.

We made a great organizational environment

We strongly believe in transparency as one of our main assets. In the day-to-day, we encourage people to be free to give their opinions, suggest new ideas, or propose new ways to do things; which allows us to be genuinely ourselves all the time.

People with different seniorities and backgrounds are an essential part of our team since we believe that differences enrich us.

We are lifelong learners!

Technical skills are important. We are constantly improving ourselves to provide the most efficient solutions. At the same time, we understand that inspiration could come anytime during the day (with our morning coffee, drinking mate, or in the shower!)

We’re a group of people aligned with the very same values, knowing that skills can always be learned, trained, and improved.

We are convinced that: Attitude is a must, you can acquire the rest.

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We were, are and will be remote
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