Digital Nomadism: One workplace: work from everywhere.

Have you ever worked in a windowless office? Maybe in a space where you felt isolated from the outside world. The passing hours only reflected in the clock. Artificial light and ventilation.

Ever felt anxious about getting to work? Thinking about the possibility of being stuck for hours in a traffic jam, being late, etc.

Perhaps we were used to these situations before the pandemic, and before most of us had to work from home.

Having gone through this experience, we can look back and think about how determinant our work space is for our productivity and how much impact it has on our quality of life.

Is it possible to work from a coffee store, a park or a beach? We sure think so! As long as you have connectivity and the space allows you to concentrate.

HOWEVER keep in mind that remote work is not for everyone, it presents us with multiple challenges apart from the great flexibility and freedom. Learning to use new tools and strategies for being more organized, communicating and working as a team is the basis from which we must start when embarking on this path.

It is difficult but not impossible.

On the other hand, it is not only up to those who work, it’s also the role of organizations to promote and manage their processes according to these new ways of working.

In CONEXIONHR we have a broad experience in this modality, it is native to us (we’ve never worked in any other way) and we believe that our work, from the right setting, can be done from any point on the map.

On the other hand, we know that there is a great growth in the demand for IT profiles, which in turn generates the need to fill more positions of the IT Recruiter role.

In our experience, it is possible to give an effective answer to this need.

We provide an online training course for those who want to learn IT Recruitment from scratch. Then we offer the opportunity to join our freelance network so that our students can have a first practical experience with real searches. This allows them to have an easy way to the job market. Constant learning, support and space for practice are the keys to our day to day.

Our vision: “Learn, practice, work. From anywhere in the world 😀

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1 thought on “Digital Nomadism: One workplace: work from everywhere.”

  1. Oscar Alfredo Pacheco

    Hola, interesante, y me pregunto si habrá trabajo remoto para mi, administrativo, docente, licenciado en edicacion, con 63 años de edad. Gracias

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