We offer you a mentor and internship!

Having the support of a tutor and being able to work together with him/her on our clients' vacancies.

By choosing the BOOTCAMP course modality, you will have a mentor via videoconference and be able to ask questions to the teachers. You will have the opportunity to join our Freelance Recruiters Team for a month to gain more experience. We will share our openings with you so you can source candidates and we will pay you a commission in case we fill an opening with one of your candidates.

Student requirements to apply for Bootcamp enrollment

  • Have taken Introduction to IT Recruiting, IT Recruiting Lab and Advanced IT Recruiting Training.  (If you can prove previous experience, only Recruiting Lab and Advanced IT Selection courses are needed)
  • Have taken these courses in the last month.
  • Eager to keep learning! 🙂

We are just an email away

If you want to sign up or need more information, please contact us. We will get back to you ASAP.
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