Program Course 2

IT Recruiting Training Course

At CONEXIONHR we believe that the best way to learn is by putting theoretical concepts into practice. For this reason, in this second course you are going to apply everything you learned in course 1, also in a completely virtual environment. You will be able to learn comfortably, at the time and from the place you choose, through a digital platform where you can get access to the different courses that are released with your own user and password.

It lasts approximately 4 hours, and it includes assessments aimed at measuring your learning and progress.

What we offer:

  • Virtual classroom
  • Certification
  • Tutoring via videoconference (only for Bootcamp)
  • Sample IT Recruiting  interview audio
  • Tests to assess your learning
  • Practice with real openings (only for Bootcamp)


  • Job Description, screening questions for clients. What to ask and why? Strategies to achieve a good profile survey.
  • Most common tools: popular ATS, what are they for? Slack: how to use it with clients? Trello: how to use it to track the process? Asana and task management. Google Meet. Discord and Slack for internal communication.
  • IT Recruiting tips.
  • Step-by-step recruiting process.
  • Sourcing: what is it?
  • Screening: what is it?
  • How is the first contact with a potential candidate? Tips and strategies. Ways to contact and reasons to choose a particular style. Contact path. Precautions to consider in the messages. What to say? What not to say?
  • How can we personalize our message? Strategies. First degree contact information.
  • Examples of correct and inaccurate messages.
  • Second contact with the candidate. What to add? What to ask?
  • Individual recruiter research of the position and the client.
  • Salary offered by the company: how to handle this information with the candidate. Why it is convenient to talk about expected and offered ranges.
  • Active candidate and passive candidate. What is the difference? Which one do we usually work with in IT Recruiting?
  • What is Outbound and Inbound in IT Recruiting?
  • How to get to know the market?
  • Basic searches on LinkedIn. Filters and combinations. Features of LinkedIn results. When should you go to first degree contacts and when to second degree contacts. Strategies for sending invites to certain profiles.
  • Strategies to solve restricted results by having non-Premium LinkedIn.
  • Invitation limit.
  • Tip to organize sourcing with massive openings.
  • What is a pipeline? What is a cold, warm and hot pipeline?
  • Understand common recruiting requirements. Examples of openings to understand what the musts and desirable requirements are. What information to consider to start sourcing.
  • Identifying accurate profiles, why does one candidate apply? Why does another not?
  • Network Engineer What do they do? Sourcing example. Matching potential candidates.
  • Interview report. Important items to include and why. How to build the report according to the job description. The report as a selling tool for the recruiter. Interview planning according to the interview report. How the IT recruiting report varies from the ones for other industries.
  • “Shortlist of three pre-screened candidates” in IT recruiting: Does it exist?
  • Candidate’s resume: What are they usually like? How to solve unattractive/outdated resumes?
  • How and when to send feedback. Feedback sandwich for negative feedback. How often should feedback be sent? Why and for what is it necessary? Why it is important to set the role and expectations of the recruiter in the decision making of the confirmation of a hiring.
  • What is the main target of the feedback? Reconstruction of client’s feedback to communicate to the candidate.
  • Information analysis, data collection, candidate evaluation
  • Interview: what information is important to explore
  • Interview questions to ask about experience.
  • Interview questions to ask about seniority. What type of answers can give us a hint to suppose a high seniority and/or the use of good practices in the candidate? Postman, SoapUI.
  • Interview questions to ask about interests. Why is it important to inquire this so as not to fall into a non-stable hiring? What is a stack?
  • Interview questions to ask about studies.
  • Interview questions to ask about motivation.
  • LinkedIn country codes for X-Ray searches and how to use them. Why it is convenient to search by country depending on the opening?
  • How to examine the technical terms of a job description using an NLP What is NLP?

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