Program Module 2

IT Recruiting Training Course

At CONEXIONHR we believe that the best way to learn is by putting theoretical concepts into practice. For this reason, in this second module of the IT Recruiting Training Course you are going to apply everything you learned in module 1, also in a completely virtual environment. You will be able to learn comfortably, at the time and from the place you choose, through a digital platform where you can get access to the different modules that are released with your own user and password.

Although this is also a basic level module, you need to have completed module 1 in order to enroll. It lasts approximately 2 hours, and it includes assessments aimed at measuring your learning and progress.

  • Aula Virtual
  • Certification
  • Tutoring via videoconference
  • Student community consultation forum
  • Sample IT Recruiting  interview audio
  • Tests to assess your learning
  • Practice with real openings


  • LinkedIn profile, points of view/keywords
  • Understanding opening requirements in depth
  • Examples of real openings, understanding exclusive and desirable requirements
  • Importance of the profile job description
  • Gathering information about the position to be filled
  • How to develop recruitment strategies
  • Selection of methods and techniques depending on the type of profile required
  • How to conduct a search to get better results depending on the profile
  • Understanding the different types of searches on LinkedIn
  • Boolean searches, logical connectors to search for IT profiles on LinkedIn
  • Identifying profiles correctly, determining if a candidate matches the profile or not
  • Practice with real openings and resumes
  • Searching for and contacting candidates as practice
  • First contact with a candidate, what to say and what not to say
  • Contact via email or contact via LinkedIn
  • Example of step-by-step contact with a candidate
  • Other important information to gather
  • Information analysis, data collection, candidate evaluation
  • How to present candidates to clients
  • Drafting the interview report to be sent to clients
  • Follow-up of the recruiting process and feedback to candidates
  • Practice as IT Recruiter 

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