Agile Recruiting

In this course, you are going to learn how to use agile methodology’s tools in your daily routine as an IT recruiter. The aim of these four classes is to analyze with critical thinking the tools that are proposed by the Agile methodology. This analysis is going to help you as a professional to make a sensible decision when the time comes to choose which tool you are going to use based on your business.

This is a 100% online course, it is dictated through our virtual classroom and you can take it whenever you want at any time.

This course is aimed at people that are actively working as IT recruiters, no matter the modality (freelance, in a staffing agency, in a service or product company), as well as professionals working in corporate, or small business owners. To be able to do this course, it is required to have at least 3 months of experience in this role or a theoretical-practical course with contents of similar characteristics.

What we offer

  • Certificate
  • Final test to evaluate your knowledge


  • Agile methodologies: what are they? How is it approached from an IT Recruiting perspective?

    In this lesson, we are going to analyze what the agile methodology offers amidst uncertain contexts, such as the IT industry and IT Recruiting. This insight is going to help us build workflows that are more adapted and that improve the process’ efficiency. At the same time, we are going to identify non-agile behaviors that are present in the recruiters’ day-to-day operations.

  • Agile methodologies applied to IT Recruiting: Design Thinking, Scrum, Kanban, Lean Recruiting Process

    In this part, we are going to look into different methodologies to understand the features that each one offers and which one we are going to choose to improve the desired outcome.
    The IT recruiter as the main player to change the process.
    Difference between philosophy, methodology and tools.
    Understanding of the iterative concept.
    IT Recruiting Sprint: IT Recruiting case integration within a Sprint Scrum. How do we view different ceremonies in our day-to-day operations?
    Integration and combination of different methodologies and tools according to our target.
    Lean Recruiting Process: what does it mean to have an IT Recruiting strategy?
    Introduction and work dynamic under this methodology.
    How to use it in our day-to-day operations. Canvas creation. Execution and Catalysts. Common Catalysts and as instruments to make changes and improve results. 

  • Metrics: construction and data analysis

    What should we measure? How do we build useful data? What is it possible to measure and what is it not? KPIs in IT Recruiting, popular metrics in IT Recruiting, Talent Acquisition Funnel, Recruiting Yield Pyramid.

  • Tools and techniques to improve performance indicators

    Which performance indicators can we improve? Shadowing, Recruiting Tools, Job Postings, Technical training, ATS, etc.

  • Building a Recruiting team

    Recruiting Teams working models. Communication flow, hierarchies, members’ projection, individual goals regarding the members’ growth. 4 team structures: in product and service companies and in staffing agencies.

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