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Coaching Laboral

In a context of digital revolution and constant evolution of jobs and skills required for each position, changing jobs is becoming more and more difficult.

Putting together a CV or a LinkedIn profile is also very complex: it is necessary to recognize one’s own knowledge, summarize content and experiences, discern which ones correspond to each profile and which of these are valued in the market. It involves deciding which profile I want to show.

We also understand that selection processes are subjective, that they depend on several factors, both internal and external to the person who is searching, and that they entail a learning process that we cannot always take full advantage of.

In order to provide a professional and personalized response to this problem, CONEXIONHR has decided to offer adaptable consulting services to any person who decides to face a job search in any area of the market, regardless of the situation in which the person is in.

The person will be accompanied by a Human Resources professional who will help him/her to create or modify his/her resume, LinkedIn profile and/or portfolio. In addition, he/she will act as an active guide in the job search.

This service is provided 100% online and is open to any profile of the labor market that wants to face:

  • A job search from scratch
  • A change of position, seniority or field of work
  • A job search with relocation or 100% remote
  • And many more!
Types of service

Job Coaching: We provide support and advice for people who want to face a new job or professional search.

The Express Service includes advice on CV preparation and improvement.

The Premium Service includes:

    • Initial interview to get to know the candidate and his/her interests.
    • Interview tips
    • Job orientation and advice on skills improvement.
    • Information on market remunerations

Job search: We actively help in the search and application to different vacancies, adapting the CV to each one and providing guidance in the process.

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