ID 3587 – Virtual Reality Engineer

About us:Our mission is to make learning accessible, relevant, and individualized to keep up with the changing world. We are developing a personalized virtual trainer experience, integrating generative AI and learning engineering to build a VR “flight simulator” for immersive hands-on skills training. Our learning engineering approach customizes content and feedback in real time, directly …

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ID 3565 – Fullstack Developer

We are a dynamic B2B SaaS startup based in Dubai, offering a comprehensive platform for brands and retailers. Our platform facilitates the seamless uploading of catalogs and efficient placement of orders, streamlining the wholesale process. We are committed to technological excellence, ensuring our code adheres to SOLID principles and is rigorously covered by unit tests. …

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ID 3564 – Head of Product

We lead the way in developing sophisticated CRM and Order Management Systems tailored for brands and distributors managing wholesale operations. Our platform optimizes business-to-retailer interactions, enhancing productivity and facilitating substantial growth. What we are looking for?We are looking for a visionary Head of Product who embodies the spirit of an innovative builder and a proactive …

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ID 3311 – Fullstack Engineer

We are a fintech startup providing cutting-edge software-as-a-service solutions to institutional investors. Our current offering includes advanced financial analysis, trade flow, and portfolio management solutions. We were founded in 2017 and have grown at a rapid pace, providing services to a wide range of industry leaders. As we continue to grow, we are looking for …

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