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ID 2659 – Frontend Developer

The company’s mission is to deliver world-class enterprise software to help restaurant chains thrive in the face of increasing complexity, opportunities, and challenges. We employ talented and ambitious engineers to use the latest technologies and tools to build innovative cloud and app based software products in rapid fashion.Our technology team is a rapidly growing group …

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ID 2636 – Fullstack Engineer

The role:Fullstack Engineer is responsible for implementing and maintaining our web applications so that users can experience new and existing product features in an efficient and reliable manner.They are passionate and creative problem solvers dedicated to building smooth user experiences on the front end, and the logic and testing to validate features on the back …

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ID 2564 – .NET Fullstack Developer

Somos una empresa de tecnología y líder mundial en soluciones de seguridad, con presencia en la región.Contamos con un conjunto de aplicaciones, a través de las cuales ofrecemos los siguientes servicios:● Telemática para autos y objetos.● Rastreo y recupero vehicular.● Logística y seguridad, para camiones y flotas.● Alarmas monitoreadas, para casas y comercios. Objetivo del …

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ID 2553 – Fullstack Engineer

We are looking for a Fullstack Engineer to join the team. At the company, they are on a mission to build vertical SaaS companies in areas as diverse as Equipment rentals to Healthcare to Investment software. To do this, we need someone with a strong technical background to work directly with the CTO and thecompany …

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ID 2520 – Software Engineer

We are looking for a talented Software Engineer who is confident in their skills and passionate about their craft. Our ideal candidate has multiple years of experience in software development, with solid experience in both backend and frontend.You will be working with a group of highly skilled engineers to build the breakthrough solutions our trainers …

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