ID 3192 – DevOps

We are looking for a Senior DevOps Engineer to work with the Cloud Operations team. The Senior DevOps Engineer will help scale the foundation of a platform that allows businesses to fill their on-demand staffing needs within minutes, and helps workers find flexible jobs that fit their schedule. In this role you will build and …

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ID 3168 – DevOps

We have 14+ years developing software and nearshoring for global companies such as Volkswagen, FIAT, IVECO, government agencies and other companies from around the globe. Requirements:● Experience in:– Microsoft Power Platform.– PowerApp.– Automate– Virtual Agent.– AI Builder.● German and English.

ID 3159 – DevOps

Nuestra misión es conseguir que el Bitcoin se convierta en algo habitual para la gente corriente sin dañar nuestro planeta.Nuestra solución es un sistema bancario Bitcoin sostenible que tiene como objetivo crear valor a largo plazo para el planeta y las generaciones futuras. ¿Qué buscamos?● Experiencia Senior.● Se valora que sea Estudiante o Ing. Een …

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ID 3129 – DevOps Engineer

As the Senior DevOps Engineer at, you will play a pivotal role in enhancing our software development and deployment processes. You will be responsible for building and maintaining a robust CI/CD pipeline, optimizing infrastructure, and ensuring the scalability, reliability, and security of our systems. Key responsibilities:● CI/CD Pipeline Management: Design, implement, and maintain a streamlined …

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