ID 3629 – Data Engineer

Job Category: Data
Job Location: Argentina

The company is a global leader in partnering with businesses to transform and manage their operations by leveraging the power of technology. The group is driven daily by its purpose of unleashing human energy through technology for an inclusive and sustainable future. It is a responsible and diverse organization with 350,000 members in over 50 countries.

● Key skills: Databricks, PySpark, Python, Azure DevOps, SQL, PL/SQL, SSIS, Azure Data Factory, Informatica ETL, and Kafka. 
● Cloud and Infrastructure Management: The offshore team should have a strong understanding of cloud platforms (such as Azure) and be able to manage resources, configure networking, and ensure security best practices.
● Databricks Expertise: Team members should have experience with Databricks, using the platform for data engineering and data analytics.
● Data Engineering Skills: The team should have strong data engineering skills, including working with big data technologies like Apache Spark, Hadoop, and other data processing frameworks.
● Data Integration and ETL: Offshore team members should be proficient in data integration and ETL (extract, transform, load) processes, connecting to various data sources and transforming data for analytics or machine learning purposes:
– Azure Data Factory is a must.
– Databricks.
– Informatica for on-premises support and enhancement requests.
● Proficiency in programming languages such as SQL, PL/SQL, T-SQL, Python, Shell programming is essential for developing and maintaining data pipelines and other custom solutions. 
● Database Management: The team should have experience with various database technologies, both on-premises and in the cloud:
– Relational databases (e.g., SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Postgres)
– Databricks Lakehouse.
– NoSQL databases (e.g., MongoDB, Cassandra, Couchbase)
● Meet deadlines provided by scrum master/project lead.
● Security and Compliance: The team should have a solid understanding of security best practices, data privacy regulations (such as GDPR or CCPA), and compliance requirements for handling sensitive data.
● Communication and Collaboration: The offshore team must have strong communication and collaboration skills to effectively work with the on-premises team, understand requirements, and provide timely support.
● Project Management: Experience with project management methodologies, such as Agile or Scrum to ensure on time and within scope.
● Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD): Familiarity with CI/CD tools and practices (such as Jenkins, GitLab, or Azure DevOps) can help the team automate processes and ensure the reliability of their solutions.

● OSDE 210 family health plan.
● Birthday day off.
● Continuous training through content platforms.
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