ID 2002 – Solution Architect / Tech Lead

Job Category: .NET C#
Job Location: Argentina

About us:
We build real scalable and high-profile internet products. Our solutions are carefully crafted by a team of development experts. We will help compañies choose the most appropriate architecture, and ensure your requirements are met. We understand the challenges of our customers and how they feel. We help organizations of all sizes adopting new and existing Microsoft and Open Source technologies and provide advanced quality assurance services that can help companies Load and Stress test their apps, write automated cross-browsers tests, client side tests and also find nasty memory leaks.

● 7+ Engineering knowledge of IT systems end to end.
● Strong software development skills using best practices, Git, Pull Requests, Code Reviews, etc.
● DevSecOps, Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment processes and tools.
● Can get up to speed with new techs and apply best practices in a short term.
● Great communication skills in English.
● Understands the business and what delivers value to clients (sometimes with little input from them).
● Team Lead skills adopting Agile best practices.
● Is well organized with his work and his team’s, and also collaborating with multiple groups within large organizations.
● Computer Science/Engineering degree or equivalent experience.

Preferred skills:
 ● C# .NET Core /. NET Framework / Java / Python.
● Spring / Spring Boot / Django / Flask.
● Javascript/Typrescript – Angular/React/Vue.
● Docker/ Kubernetes.
● Azure DevOps / Github Actions / Jenkins / Atlassian Open DevOps.
● Agile / Scrum / SAFe.

Nice to have:
● Git workflows: Feature branch / Gitflow / others.
● Test automation: Unit Tests, e2e tests.
● Angular / React / Vue.
● Bash / PowerShell.
● AWS / GCP.
● SonarQube.
● Test Coverage Reports.
● Terraform.
● Databricks / Spark / Hadoop.
● ELK.
● Kafka.
● Microservices.

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